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Feeding families while showing love…

Providing Possibilities- thus giving Hope

It’s all about the Hope.

We have seen the face of hunger change over the last several years. No longer is it strictly the unemployed. More often than not, it’s the working poor or the newly unemployed. Families are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and keep food on the table. Senior citizens living on fixed incomes have to decide between paying for prescription medicine or buying groceries. Children are rushing the lunch line at school on Monday after surviving another weekend with little or no food at home‚Äč

Hunger is a thief. It is uncaring, selfish and cruel. It is unfettered by racial bigotry. Hunger treats people of all ethnicities the same. It does not discriminate based on gender or age. Hunger robs its victims of the abilities to learn, to function in society, and to create opportunities for themselves.